We search far and wide to source sustainable materials while aligning with partners that share the same eco-conscious values and principles as we do.

The result? Effortlessly chic and guilt-free kicks ready to be the next staple in your closet.

1. GRS Certified Recycled Leather (>50%)

  • We take discarded leather trimmings or scraps, grind them into fibres, and combine it with other eco-friendly materials to create a new piece of leather that is lighter and more durable than full-grain leather.
  • The manufacturing process is solvent-free as the fibres are compressed through a patented high-pressure water jet system.
  • 95% of the water recycled and re-used throughout to basically keep the manufacturing process closed-loop.

2. Recycled Plastics (>20%)

Post-consumer plastic bottles are taken and upcycled through a similar process. Used for both our upper and our shoelaces.

3. Insoles

  • We use natural-based materials to ensure the shoe is conscious inside and out. Not only are they sustainable, but are comfortable, supportive and durable.
  • The insole cover layer is made of natural cork, which has natural anti-bacterial, anti-odour and sweat-wicking properties.
  • The extra-cushiony insole padding with arch-support comes with dual density foam for the perfect blend of support & comfort.

4. Lining

Recycled plastic bottles or Recycled Cotton lining.

5. Outsole

Natural rubber compound for the optimal blend of comfort & durability.