How do we make a pair of chic yet guilt-free kicks that are going to be your closet staple? We start by hunting down sustainable materials that not only look good but do good for the environment. Then we searched forpartners that shared the same ethical and eco-conscious principles as we do.

So, want to know what makes KIBO different?


Apple Leather is a USDA certified Biobased product recycled from the waste of Apples used in the juicing industry. First, we take apple waste and reduce it into a powder then mix it with other natural plant fibers. This mixture is then processed and bonded onto a plant material base. The manufacturing process is solvent free because the fibres are compressed through a high-pressure water jet system. This way, 95% of the water is recycled and re-used throughout. 

The result is a durable, environmentally friendly, and breathable material that has found its way onto a pair of KIBO Apple Kicks.   

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We start with discarded leather scraps, grind them into fine fibers and combine it with other eco-friendly materials to create a new type of leather that is lighter and more durable than full-grain leather.The manufacturing process is solvent-free because the fibres are compressed through a patented high-pressure water jet system. The result is 95% of the water is recycled and re-used throughout.

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We rescue fabric scraps from factory floors, shred it and turn that into new fibres that are woven into a new piece of fabric. Even though it is recycled from a mixture of industrial waste and consumer textile waste, our technique produces a new fabric feel cotton fabric.Using recycled cotton reduces water consumption by 98% creating less impact on our environment.  

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That empty plastic bottle of water in the trash? We recycle it and other post-consumer plastic waste and turn them intoa polyester fibrethat we knit all our shoelacesand shoe linings from.


That feeling of comfort when you slip into a pair of our sneakers comes from an insole made of natural cork. This keeps it anti-bacterial, anti-odour and sweat-wicking. 

Then we pad it with dual-density foam for both support and comfort. This way, it is not just our outsides that are eco-conscious but insides too! 

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When you go the extra mile to make a difference, the comfort and durability of natural rubber keeps up with you. Our outsoles are made from recycled rubber compounds.

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