FACT: Human trafficking is the world’s third largest crime industry.

Did you know that we are still living in an age of slavery? Thousands of young women and girls are bought and sold for sex everyday.

Compassion First

Compassion First is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2007. Their mission is to create sustainable change that could empower survivors to rebuild their own lives. They worked tirelessly to set up an aftercare shelter for those who have been trafficked and sold for sex crimes. Working with the local police and local villagers, they provide partnered training, shelter and education to help prevent exploitation.

For a young girl who has experienced severe trauma, the aftercare journey can be overwhelming. She will meet the dedicated individuals who will care for her daily, as she goes through the healing process.

Each pair of KIBO sold will be contributing to their program expenses.

These activities are critical in the process of healing from trauma, as it allows children to relearn that their bodies are strong, capable, and created for good things that can bring them joy and health.  

It may not seem much… but one step goes a long way.