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Great design and comfort

These shoes are of great quality (so far, as I received them as a Christmas present so cannot say on the long term), but for sure I can wear them with almost anything and most importantly for me they are super comfortable!

Good fit & comfy

The size chart is pretty accurate especially for my feet which are half size difference. I am pleasantly surprised with the fit and the comfort level. The sole has a nice gentle arch that allows the feet to rest on quite well. Kudos to the team. Keep up the good work.

Love love love

I absolutely love your shoes! They’re aesthetically pleasing and super comfortable! I’ll be back to buy the Apple kicks soon!! Also love that some proceeds are going to a good cause and that they’re made from recyclable materials. Love

Stylish & sustainable kicks!

Christmas gift for the boyfriend - boyfriend approved! He loves it - says they feel good, look good and does good (for the earth as much as possible!)


Totally awesome eco Kicks!

We love this brand for what it stands for, the high quality of the product and the good feeling you receive when walking around town and doing good all at the same time.

Comfy & guilt-free

The first time for me and my hubby to wear our recycled shoes. Not only for the environment, but also stylist and with comfort. We will surely give a big thumb to K!BO.

Comfiest + bestest

No regrets buying a pair of Kibos. I can't wait to get my next one! It's not just comfortable (really, really comfortable) but SUPPORTIVE too. For a flat-foot person like me,

I appreciate the design thinking that went into producing this shoe. I always used to have ache-y feet at the end of the day...especially if I've been doing a lot of walking. But with these shoes, I don't feel it at all. The insoles do a great job of cushioning and protecting your feet.

I never used to be a sneaker/shoe wearing person at all (could never find a comfortable pair) but Kibo has converted me.

Loving my #applekicks 👟

As I already have a pair of #guiltfreekicks, I was especially excited when the new #applekicks arrived! Really happy with my purchase as they are comfy and unique :) Thanks for keeping the world greener :) Support!

Amazing Quality! (and great with prescription lenses!)

Was sad to lose my only pair of eyeglasses, so I was desperate to find a new pair for replacement. Stumbling upon these, I loved that these frames suit my round head shape, and the fact that they're biodegradable is a great bonus! When I received these, I was beyond impressed at the thickness and quality, while at the same time, it wasn't too heavy either upon wearing. I replaced the lenses on these with my prescription lenses, and was also happy to see it fits well! Super happy with this pair all in all!

Surprisingly Comfortable !

The BEST pair of kicks

Absolute game changer and blessing for my feet. I’d definitely recommend KIBO to everyone any time any day.
Thank you Team KIBO!

KIBO x UTAH LEE | "ON-THE-MOVE" Recycled Nylon Accessories Pouch

Colourful patterns

Like the colourful patterns

Very special shoes!

I love love love these…super comfy and stylish! Even my teenage daughter approves 💕

Breathable support

I like the Arch Support very much because the cushion of insoles reduce impact especially when i am running

Sustainable Wearable Art - CUSTOM
Unique sneakers !

Love our customized unique sneakers. Also we love the idea of using upcycling leather. Most importantly, the sneakers are so well made and comfortable!

Happy shopping

Good service!


The shoes is PERFECTT!!! At first, I was skeptical about how the sneakers would be. However, it turns out to be exactly as what other reviews says!! It's really comfy like clouds!! For the sizing, do get a size bigger. For mine, I got Size 36. Based on my other shoes sizes like AF1 the size was 35. I would recommend a size up! Also, I would suggest that you if your socks is thick materials, it will be quite tight for you because it is leather so it take time to season. If not you may wear thin materials socks or don't even wear socks at all! That's ur preference! I don't regret making purchase and waiting for it to arrive at my doorstep although the duration is a little long. So do be patient 💯💯💯✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻


So happy I finally bought a pair :) They are so soft and comfortable!!!

Comfy sneakers

Very comfy sneakers

Recycled Leather #GuiltFreeKicks (WOMEN)

St Joseph's College Old Boys #GreenWhiteKicks
Charles So
Lovely Sneakers

Cool & Extremely Comfortable 👍🏻👍🏻