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really love the shoes, this is my second pair! got my first pair in Hong Kong :) bought this pair because my first pair was getting worn out. Very very comfortable and durable

Same high quality

Love it. Same comfort as my first pair which I’ve worn to the ground!

Rocking these apples!

Apple Kicks sneakers are fantastic! Made from apples, they’re eco-friendly and stylish. Super comfortable for all-day wear and a great conversation starter. Highly recommend!

Perfect sneakers!

Super comfortable with the correct height! Didn’t even need to break it in… can walk in it for hours! I’ll highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for simple, classic, no fuss; and a stunner to me! Great job Kibo team! ❤️👍💪👏👏👏👏

NEW IN! Recycled Leather Sneakers - SYDNEY

Nice Shoes

I bought what I want!!! Thanks!

KIBO x Taloha
The comfiest arch everrrrr!!!

The padding and arch inside the shoe is amazing! Foot is not heavy or aching at all after a long day in my apple kicks!!

So comfortable!


KIBO x Taloha
Alia Eyres

LOVE my shoes and my kids have asked me to order them in their sizes!


Comfortable shoes!

Make uncomfortable shoes comfy

I bought the footbeds to put in 2 pairs of boots whose original insoles were very flat. They’ve transformed them into comfortable, wear-all-day boots and my feet are happy!

3rd pair of KIBO

Its my gf and my 3rd pair of KIBO sneakers. Long term supporter of the comfortness, style and thesis behind. We will keep supporting the brand and extraordinary product!

Copped at SneakerCon SEA 2024

I was immediately drawn to the design and size of the accessory pouch at the booth at SneakerCon Singapore 2024.
The accessories pouch fit my cash, coins, iphone SE and mobile battery perfectly.
I was really glad Natalie gave me her inputs on the color cords to suit what I normally wear!
My female colleagues had been asking me where I got it when I returned to the workplace.

So glad you spotted our bag! Best part? it's made from recycled nylon & plastics too!

The French Girl

Suprisingly comfortable. Light weight.

Glad you like them! We tried very hard to nail the comfort element in too!

Very lightweight and comfy

Yassss! A lot of our customers felt the same too!


我提供的圖片和印左鞋上的圖案非常接近, 十分滿意

So comfortable!!!

Love the shoes from Kibo!! Great for all occasions and really comfortable!

Grace Ciao x KIBO collection

The Brooklyn
HY Leung
Brooklyn Blues

These are my 3rd pair of Kibo shoes and they are very comfy and provide very good support. If you like a more lighter, bouncy walk with more breathing space for your feet and wanna show up in a more sporty style, Brooklyns are for you!! Thanks Kibo!! Love your work and so happy to continue support your good causes! Yay :)

Recycled Leather Sneakers #GuiltFreeKicks (For Him & Her)


The shoes are light and comfortable. It is a good choice.

The most comfortable sneakers

This is 2nd pair of sneakers and KIBO sneakers is the most comfortable sneakers i ever tried. Especially the comfort Arch-Support Footbed , the size of sneakers 👟 fit to my feet prefectly. I can wear it to walk 20 km without any pain and hurt.

Besides, the design of patterns are so nice and trendy. I have already recommended KIBO to all my friends.

Good service and explained well on products politely.


They are just so cute and so comfy♥️♥️

Recycled Leather Sneakers #GuiltFreeKicks (For Him & Her)