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Love it

Environmental Friendly sneakers

very comfortable & looks chic!


New Shoe for daughter

My daughter is growing up and what’s better then pair of good looking shoe that’s good for environment

I've never had so many compliments on a pair of shoes!

My trainers are comfy and a super soft material - and I love the dotted design on the ankle.

Perfect for my bony feet

I love how the sole and the tongue completely hug my bony feet. So comfy!!! I got the white/black ones. They are sleek and versatile I wear them everywhere.

Good product

Love how it’s all natural without alcohol!

Men black kibo-eco trainer's shoes

Awesome & great 👍💪🙌

Love the shoes

Love the values of this brand ! Love the look !

Spankin new!

Not sure why I waited this long to buy these! They are incredibly comfortable and slick. Can't wait to buy my next one in the new colors!

Support sustainability

#GuiltFreeKicks for Women - K!BO

#GuiltFreeKicks for Women - K!BO

Everyday shoes for the eco-minimalist

I rarely buy new things and when I do I make sure it’s a good investment that I will get a lot of use out of. These shoes are perfect for everyday wear, they go with anything, are comfortable, and I’ve been living in them since they arrived. I also appreciate the subtle and tasteful logo with the colourful dots on the side. Nicely packaged too. I will wear them to death and then probably repurchase the exact same pair! Would highly recommend this brand.

#GuiltFreeKicks for Women - K!BO

Superb kicks!

Tried my Lacess for a full day out, and they were perfect! Comfortable to walk, soft sole, not aching or awfully tiring. Looking good, feeling good and doing good, these are really my new favourite kicks! :)

My happy feet 😃

Love it 😊 very confortable 😌

I love it so much!

Its seriously comfortable. Goes well with everything and I can't stop wearing them. I'm already thinking of getting another pair. Please bring in more styles/colours, would be great if there are black colored soles

100% recommend!

The shoes fit really well and they're very comfortable to wear! They're also easy to style and go with a lot of outfits!

K!BO by lacess - #GuiltFreeKicks for Men

Usually I get blisters wearing new pair of shoes. I was pleasantly surprised that Lacess shoes did not give me that problem. A big bonus ! Besides being super comfy, they are chic and sleek. Best of both worlds- function and form.

Satisfied new owner

Simple and stylish design. Great quality and very comfortable to wear on a daily basis and I especially love the softness of the footbed. I'm glad that I can share and be part of the company's eco-conscious values!

#GuiltFreeKicks for Women

Great shoes

I'm a female but my shoe size is 42 so I decided to try out the mens' 42 and it fits great. My outer toes do feel just slightly sore after wearing them for a long time but it could just be poor sock choice or the shoes needing some time and wear to break in. 100% recommend!!

Perfect pair of shoes

Comfy, classic and much more perfect can a pair of shoes get! Absolutely in love with this amazing product!!