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The French Girl

Suprisingly comfortable. Light weight.

Very lightweight and comfy


我提供的圖片和印左鞋上的圖案非常接近, 十分滿意

So comfortable!!!

Love the shoes from Kibo!! Great for all occasions and really comfortable!

Grace Ciao x KIBO collection

The Brooklyn
HY Leung
Brooklyn Blues

These are my 3rd pair of Kibo shoes and they are very comfy and provide very good support. If you like a more lighter, bouncy walk with more breathing space for your feet and wanna show up in a more sporty style, Brooklyns are for you!! Thanks Kibo!! Love your work and so happy to continue support your good causes! Yay :)

Recycled Leather Sneakers #GuiltFreeKicks (For Him & Her)

Carbon Neutral Order
Jennifer Tung

The shoes are light and comfortable. It is a good choice.

The most comfortable sneakers

This is 2nd pair of sneakers and KIBO sneakers is the most comfortable sneakers i ever tried. Especially the comfort Arch-Support Footbed , the size of sneakers 👟 fit to my feet prefectly. I can wear it to walk 20 km without any pain and hurt.

Besides, the design of patterns are so nice and trendy. I have already recommended KIBO to all my friends.

Good service and explained well on products politely.


They are just so cute and so comfy♥️♥️

Recycled Leather Sneakers #GuiltFreeKicks (For Him & Her)

Love it!

Nicely crafted with my fav type of flower - rose! Comfort with its just-fit-your-arch base.


Quality n material are great is simple n trendy

The perfect white sneakers

One of the most comfortable shoes I own. It’s simple, it’s classic, it’s just a perfect pair of white sneakers that everybody should keep in their wardrobe.

beautiful shoes

love the design so much and the shies are super comfy! highly recommend!

Elegant and comfortable

I have been buying from KIBO for a while now and love this print on their leather shoes

Carbon Neutral Order
Dolores Vila
Coolest cap ever

Finally with me! Love it

Everyone must have one pairs KIBO!

Fashionable, comfortable! Can wear everyday!
Good to mix and match !

My second pair

A year ago I got the first pair and was amazed by how comfortable the shoes are. So after a year as it had been worn out, I purchased the second pair. It took a few days to break the shoes so it was ok. And I noticed they changed the shoe lace which the new one is better (the old one would untie itself easily). I’m happy with these shoes overall in terms of cost, how comfy they are and how simple and versatile they looked, plus its sustainability.

Comfy and Sleek

Really loving the design and the cork sole is very comfortable.

Recycled Leather Sneakers #GuiltFreeKicks (For Him & Her)

Love it

The kibo sneaker is so comfy, just love it

Kibo Kids
Kids shoes

My grandson really liked them.